Wireless CarPlay Adapter V3

Make Apple CarPlay 
wireless with a modern adapter


A joystick is another way to control the adapter.


Use the auto buttons to control.


You can use your touch screen.


The voice button in the car activates Siri.

Adapter for wireless connection of Apple

Apple CarPlay is the most advanced and completely safe way to use your iPhone in the car. With the help of the adapter, your Apple CarPlay will become wireless. You no longer need to connect your phone via a USB cable. Once connected, the CarPlay adapter will work via Wi-Fi.

Wireless Adapter V3

3999 uah 3000 UAH

What can be used with the Wireless Adapter

◦ Waze ◦ Google maps
◦ Apple maps ◦ 2 gis ◦ Sigic

◦ Apple music ◦ Spotify
◦ Podcasts ◦ Iheart radio
◦ Npr one ◦ Google music

◦ Messages ◦ WhatsApp
◦ Telegram ◦ Mlb at bat

◦ Call ◦ Siri
◦ Calendar ◦ Audiobooks

  • An indispensable tool for those who use Apple CarPlay
  • Easy to use, the phone automatically connects to your car when you get into the car
  • Works with all cars that have the Apple CarPlay function
  • No need to wait, products are available!

Say goodbye to cable forever

Fast connection

The adapter will turn on automatically every time you get into the car.

Wireless connection

The adapter will work without a cable, providing information via Wi-Fi.

The standard screen of your car

It is not necessary to change the SHGP. The adapter will work on your original device.

Product specification

Technical characteristic

  • Name: Adapter for wireless Apple CarPlay
  • Model: UPU200-U2W-Version 3
  • Size: 46 x 12 x 80 mm
  • Power: 0.25W
  • Connection method: WiFi \ Bluetooth
  • Suitable for all cars with Apple CarPlay (there are exceptions for some types of media systems)
  • Phone compatibility: iPhone 6 and up
  • 202mm Type-C cable (included)

Simple and fast connection

Step 1

Step 2

Suitable for all cars with CarPlay function

Wireless Adapter

3999 uah 3000 UAH

Video review of the adapter

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3999 uah 3000 UAH

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review from google

These guys installed it for me on the RX350. I’m very satisfied. On the big screen CarPlay looks just perfect. Resolution is sufficient. Now it is a real, modern multimedia. Wireless CarPlay was installed. It turns on automatically. That is, you start your car and 10 seconds later it turns on itself. Еще...to press anything. Control with a standard joystick is acceptable. Everything was done quickly. Installation took 6 hours from the moment I put the car in. They assembled everything with a good quality. Nothing creaks after assembly. In general, I recommend it.

Vadim Ilchenko

review from google

It was a discovery for me that the car has CarPlay support from the factory at the hardware level, I just need to update the software. Everything is cool, without android blocks and additional manipulations. At the same time they did it pretty quickly, within a couple of hours.

Dmytro Semenik

review from google

The guys put Apple CarPlay on the Range Rover Sport. CarPlay is wireless, which made me very happy. A very convenient option in the car. At work - everything was also done professionally and accurately.

Ruslan Drobyazko

review from google

The team works professionally - they installed Mercedes CarPlay on three of my cars. Works flawlessly. Special thanks to Ivan for the qualified help. Always in touch and provides support in the use of equipment.

Igor Belov

review from google

It is a super product. I usually have a bad attitude towards kludge solutions.
The manufacturer claims a voice delay when making a call - I did not feel it. Possibly they corrected mistakes. CarPlay works like it does on a cord; there are no lags at all.


review from google

I recommend putting on Q5 carplay, everything works cards, music! Satisfied with the work! I will definitely come to connect the camera

Krivosheev Sergey

review from google

The boys sold and installed Car Play+Android auto in Audi A4 B8. More than satisfaction. All at once, all is clear.

Andrew Naydenko

review from google

Installed the CarPlay guys on the Mercedes C class (w205). I am satisfied with everything: everything is clear, fast, professional. Special thanks to Sergey for the advice!


review from google

I installed it on BMW CarPlay, everything was installed quickly, it works great, I recommend

Read and leave your comments on Google ranking

Install Apple CarPlay on your car

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Return within 14 days

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